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Thursday, June 9, 2016

2016.06.09 Girl Downtown Filming, and Shilling, Now!

2016.06.09 Girl Downtown Filming, and Shilling, Now!
We were wondering about something in that Facebook post we mentioned minutes ago and it took just a couple of minutes to find what we were looking for.

These days Ken "Whit" Whitman uses other people as the faceman of his crowd-funding efforts since his name is more easily found as a direct connection to scams he has perpetrated in the past (which we will take some small measure of credit for).

This time it appears as he has used his Assistant Director for GIRL DOWNTOWN to be his faceman and GoFundMe as his  crowdfunding source. We notice that Ken "Whit" Whitman's name doesn't appear on this campaign, which is probably a wise choice:
2016.06.09 Girl Downtown Filming, and Shilling, Now!
"Girl Downtown is a Love story with an intense twist.

Set for entry into the 2017 Sundance Festival we are asking for your help to Fund this Film.

We have an Extensive Cast and Crew and Feeding us all for 14 days is our Final Challenge. We have secured all our equipment and locations and are Green light for Filming Beginning June 1-14th 2016. (Just a few Days away) We at Sweat Equity and Grave Road Productions are asking for you..YES YOU to help Donate. -All proceits will go to Feed the Cast and Crew while on production. If you wish you can secure your or your Companies Name in the Credits (IMDB) for recognition.

Now on to the Fun Stuff - A List of your Cast and Crew - (The ones who will be Fed by your generous donation) and a Small sample of the Script.

~Shooting June 2-5, 7-9, 11-14~"

Now we will freely admit that this could be a legit campaign and Ken "Whit" Whitman's Facebook post is just an attempt to siphon off a portion of the goodwill that these two groups, "Sweat Equity" and "Grave Road Productions" are generating. We'll look into it....

Either way, this doesn't add up.

Smoke Belly Film Meeting
You'll notice how the crew listing on the GoFundMe page doesn't have the director listed. The IMDB page has Ken "Whit" Whitman listed as the Director & Writer. Neither Sweat Equity or Grave Road Productions seem to be legal entities in Georgia (there are several "Sweat Equity" LLCs in GA, most defunct, so there is a chance) but there is a Grave Roads Facebook Page. The earliest, well only, photo of Ken "Whit" Whitman with Grave Road Productions is dated May 10th and held at the restaurant that we know Ken "Whit" Whitman likes.

Our current working theory....well we haven't heard from everyone here at NAD yet....is that Ken "Whit" Whitman reached out to the local film community to get them to work in his project, clearly one he has labeled as a "gift" for his daughter, and is using the situation to try and collect more funds. Ken "Whit" Whitman clearly claims this as his film and the crowdfunding page is conveniently leaving his name off of the project. Not listing your Director or the Writer on a film project is kind of a big deal.....those name usually pop-up real early in the credits....with large bold-face fonts.


  1. Classic tell of Whitman... can't spell. "proceits" Wow... He cannot hide as long as he does his own ad copy.

  2. Seems that Ken "Whit" Whitman's "I'm not giving up" video update was pretty much of a sham. If he is so poor (lacking of money) that he "had to get a day job," what in the world is enabling him to make yet another "film?" I hope he realizes what we all lost (in our livelihoods) as a result of having faith in and supporting him.
    It would be neat to see a cost breakdown of where all of this money is coming from and going.

  3. There was a comment yesterday from someone on the GoFundMe page that revealed Kenny's failures and exploits and warning people away. That comment appears to have been deleted, so typical Whitman SOP. (Wish I had grabbed a screenshot when I saw it posted.)

  4. Someone keeps deleting comments form the gofundme page.

    So, Kenny continues with his normal behavior.

  5. It seems that GoFundMe page has now been taken down. LOL

  6. The GoFundMe page, the IMDB page and any reference on Grave Roads Facebook page to the film are all gone. Now I have to admit ... I think there has to be a story there. Too bad we will probably never hear it.


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