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Thursday, May 5, 2016

2016.05.05 Ken Whitman's Use of "Whit" Whitman....

2016.05.05 Ken Whitman's Use of "Whit" Whitman....
I like to think we're lucky here at Not Another Dime (For Ken Whitman) because we get get comments from different groups of people that Ken "Whit" Whitman has burned on his path to "easy money" through Kickstarter.

Today we got this quick comment from none other that Jolly Blackburn, arguably one of Ken "Whit' Whitman's biggest victims: "Whit Whitman... heh. Guy screwed up so bad he had to change his name to hopefully avoid being connected to google searches on his name."

Jolly Blackburn's Original Comment

2016.05.15 Whit Whitman Google SearchWhile I'm sure a few folks would look at that and chuckle a bit, there is probably a bit of truth to this and it is also the biggest reason we just don't refer to our raison d'etre as "Ken" or "Kenny", but make it a point to use a full, well close enough, name of Ken Whitman, or Ken "Whit" Whitman. Our goal here is to make sure anybody trying to do even a moderate amount of background checking on our boy finds him easily enough.

The goal of the blog isn't to make it so Ken "Whit" Whitman is unable to find work, but to ensure that he isn't able to take advantage of folks as easily as he has been able to do pre-Google. Believe it or not we do actually check periodically to see how we are doing.

To the right is the results of a search for "Whit Whitman".

Between the pictures and the links, there are 15 main hotlinks out. Only two are not for "our" Whit Whitman, and nearly 1/2, seven to be technical, highlight Ken "Whit" Whitman's activities within the RPG Community and/or his Kickstarters.

Now if we take a look at a search for "Ken Whitman".....

2016.05.15 Ken Whitman Google Search
Here we have 14 main links and all 14 are about "our" Ken Whitman, with nine about Ken "Whit" Whitman's community activities & Kickstarter. If you were to look closer you'd find three of the remaining links under Ken "Whit" Whitman's control, compared to maybe four for "Whit Whitman".

At a glance it looks like Ken Whitman's switch to Whit Whitman might easily have been about keeping his past buried as much as is possible, but we here at NAD, as well as those at some other friendly blogs,  don't really have too much of problem digging.....


  1. Good on ya. I link to your blog from my signature at RPGNet (making it clear that the blog is not my own) because people *absolutely* need to be aware of Ken Whitman, lest he take anybody else for a ride.

    1. I would be very disappointed if he chooses to exploit the comic con community.Seems like well-intention-ed good people are Ken Whitman's favorite targets.

    2. Replace "disappointed" with "unsurprised."

  2. Google dot com has a feature called "google search trends."

    ( google com trends )

    It provides a way to determine how often internet users are looking for particular words, names or combinations of words. It can take words like " Ken", "Whitman", "Minnesota" and/or "How to cook Chicken coq au vin," and etc (just examples) and compare how often they appear together or separately in google searches over a period of time (like a year or months or days).
    I didn't get much correlation between "Ken Whitman" and "fried chicken," but you get the idea.
    It is not capable of encouraging justice or a resolution to this kickstarter situation but it is interesting in terms of finding out how many people have been fooled by the "Whit Whitman" phony name change.


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