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Monday, May 9, 2016

2009.01.21 Another Lead on a Ken "Whit" Whitman Business.....We Need Your Help

2009.01.21 Another Lead on a Ken "Whit" Whitman Business.....We Need Your Help
Recently we'd come across some info that we cannot divulge...because we were asked not to...and because it didn't really seem like new information as it was stuff we'd all already assumed some time ago. Of course, researching stuff for NAD on Ken "Whit" Whitman does tend to color your perception over time.

This is why we recommend you read what you need to and make an informed decision for yourself. NAD is clearly biased against Ken "Whit" Whitman, even though we have striven to remain unbiased.

Regardless of intent and information we'll post what we can when we can, but we could use your help. By happenstance we have recently uncovered a potential lead for one more of Ken "Whit' Whitman's alleged businesses, something that feels familiar to anyone who picks up Knights of the Dinner Table now and again:

JollyBGood over at RPG.net

"The Gaming Temp business in KODT was actually inspired by a RL company. Back in 95 or so Ken Whitman was pitching something called the Gamer Corps. More of a GM for Hire type thing (hire their GMs to run your games at stores/cons) but as I recall they would come to your house and run a game as well."

Wait...what? The Gamer Corps from KoDT were inspired by Ken "Whit" Whitman? There has to be more to this story somewhere!

If you know anything about this, please drop us a line via email at or by using the contact form on this page. We'd love to be able to add "Gamer Corps" to the Pseudonyms page!

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  1. Is D20 Entertainment still sponsoring Bobcon?


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