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Thursday, February 18, 2016

2016.02.18 Some Good News on the Legal Front

2016.02.18 Some Good News on the Legal Front
All I have to say it is about time! From the desk of Jolly Blackburn himself:

"Confirmation that the Washington State Attorney is officially looking into this kickstarter project and others."


I can only hope that is some small way this blog can be a resource for the Washington State Attorney General's office. Why it takes Washington State to get some traction on Ken "Whit" Whitman's Kickstarter Scams and not Kentucky is beyond me.

Great News From Jolly Blackburn


  1. The reason it's the Washington State Attorney General (WSAG) is because a Washington State backer filed a complaint with the WSAG. That's the great thing about Attorneys General - you can complain to your home state OR to the state which hosts the person or business who you are complaining about.

    Given that the WSAG's office is the one who took action on the Asylum Playing Cards fiasco, I'd choose the WSAG over anyone else, too. Because the WSAG is aware of crowdfunding and has already taken action at least once. And I know from personal experience that filing a complaint is painless and simple (I filed a complaint against Far West, and got most of my money back ... ).

    It's one reason I'm thankful to be a resident of this state.

    1. I love the trees and rivers of Washington. Smiling faces and wet cold beaches.
      I have a feeling that Bob Ferguson (our current AG) will not be involved directly but will send an intern or assistant. Gov. Inslee will need to approve any substantive action in this situation so I think that might be another possible delay.


    2. He'll almost certainly have a deputy or assistant handle it. But that doesn't mean the authority of the office is any less intimidating to KS project creators who are under their scrutiny.

  2. Also, it sees that both Kenny's "Ken Whit & Associates" and his 'd20 Entertainment' Facebook pages are gone.

    Is Kenny trying to lay low now that another AG (one who has successfully prosecuted a Kickstarter fraud) is after him?

  3. Our Attorney General will never try Ken Whitman for anything. Here in Kentucky, the crooks leave each other alone as a professional courtesy...

  4. The Kentucky AG was a freakin joke... I couldn't ever get ahold of him again after that first letter.
    Apparently if you want to get something done you have to get it done in Washington... And weed is legal there! No wonder...

  5. My email exchanges with Ken have been interesting to say the least. According to him he's the victim in all this and it's all a huge misunderstanding and people are being unfair to him.

  6. Isn't they Kenny's standard defense?

    Has the man ever admitted his mistakes and tried to fix them?

  7. No. In Ken's world he's done not wrong and is a victim. It's all a conspiracy.


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