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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

2015.09.02 Still No Word From Ken Whitman or Product by Anyone....

2015.09.02 Still No Word From Ken Whitman or Product by Anyone....
Well.....we are two days into the month after Ken Whitman said he'd be done with the KoDT:LAS project and the natives are getting restless over on Kickstarter.

Folks are starting to post what they haven't received yet and Ken Whitman is nowhere to be found.....literally. The man hasn't even bothered to login to Kickstarter since August 22nd. Not an update, a note to backers (as a comment), nothing.....but I do hear he has plenty of time to post to Facebook.

I can't verify the Facebook posts personally since I'm clearly not one of Ken Whitman's "friends", but enough people are mentioning these posts and not everyone else can be a liar....right?

The silence is deftning (a nod to Ken Whitman's spelling)

Seriously, if you have 6 outstanding Kickstarters the least you can do is keep folks informed, and by informed I don't mean placing blame on others, but telling folks what is going on. Hell, at this point most of us already know we are getting screwed ('cause some backer rewards will NEVER see the light of day), but a little closure might help.

Not everyone can keep their spirits up as well as Jolly Blackburn,
"Oh look... an update telling backers why none of the promises made a month ago were kept and what they can expect going forward. This is just the sort of communication I was hoping Ken would start.... um, er. Wait. Never mind. No updates at all. Just complete silence.
Sorry. False alarm."

As I went back to grab the comments link one of the backers seems to have gone through the roughly 800 comments and noted that there is not one report of a person receiving their softcover KoDT 20 Years of Covers book. Seriously?! You can still buy this, probably unauthorized (as in well beyond the approved sell-by date) book, but Ken Whitman has yet to fulfill a single copy......18 months later?!

If you've received your softcover KoDT 20 Years of Covers book and have been quiet about it, please break the silence. You might not be able to post on the Kickstarter comments, but you can send me an email through the contact form to the right. If you have pictures, please send them to:
Contact Us Please
2015.09.03 EDIT
I did go and update this post with a comment, but if you have specifically been blocked by Ken Whitman you get this lovely view when you try to see Ken Whitman's page:

Blocked by Ken Whitman

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  1. You do not need to be a friend of Ken Whitman on Facebook to see his public posts. Just go on his page and look at his public posts. 12 already in September while no one hears from him on KickStarter. I think it would be fun post to your page showing the number of Facebook public posts he has had the time to make over the last 3 months. https://www.facebook.com/KenWhitman?fref=ts


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