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Thursday, September 3, 2015

2015.09.03 Ken Whitman Chooses Such A Fitting Theme Song

2015.09.03 Ken Whitman Chooses Such A Fitting Theme Song
Ken Whitman still hasn't logged into Kickstarter (since August 22nd) to grace anyone with an update, but he still manages to post to Facebook.

Someone with appropriate access and quicker than I am was able to screen shot this latest lie from our hero.

Allegedly Ken Whitman was working on the DVDs, burning "20 a day" to ship out "starting from the top (highest paying backer) of the list" Now this is a paraphrase, but if the DVDs were starting to ship last Sunday then someone, somewhere, would have piped up about getting theirs by now.

Ken Whitman, talking head, taking backers on a road to nowhere
Instead the latest lie.......can you call this statement a lie, or just an implication?...is that "after this holiday weekend things will be moving". What will be moving Ken Whitman? What? Your mouth, your excuses...you? Are you finally taking some of the $200K+ you've scammed from good people and running south of the border?

Who the hell knows....all I can do is laugh a little bit because "Road to Nowhere" is such an appropriate theme song for Ken Whitman's many Kickstarters, especially when you factor in that Ken Whitman is largely a talking head......all bluff and no stuff.....

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  1. He deleted a good portion of his recent facebook posts. He has posts from a few minutes ago but then nothing until Aug 9 in a post he displays a Spinward Traveller movie poster.


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