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Monday, August 31, 2015

2015.08.31 Ken Whitman Still Falling Short of, Well Everything

2015.08.31 Ken Whitman Still Falling Short of, Well Everything
Today is the latest deadline given by our local hero Ken Whitman. By today the KoDT:LAS 3 part series should be burned to disc and sent off to backers. The single largest contingent of backers "donated" $35 to get the DVD with cover art by Larry Elmore.

We know that the cover art isn't going to happen, well at least not Larry Elmore cover art because Ken Whitman flat out lied about the excuse "Because we did not hit certain goals, we are reusing the 200 issue cover with a few actors involved." You made your fricken goal Ken Whitman...the cover wasn't a stretch goal, but a basic project goal! Of course this is a lie as well because the KoDT #200 cover is a Larry Elmore print he doesn't have the rights to either.

Maybe he'll try to use a picture of the actors as the cover.....but he doesn't have the right to their likeness for that either, or at least that is what one of those actors told me at GenCon. Evidently Ken Whitman wasn't even bright enough to get all the actors to sign their contracts......d'oh!

Still nothing from Ken Whitman
Well at least Ken Whitman has promised to have a meeting with the KenzerCo D-Team and get our DVDs out...just like he promised to keep in touch since GenCon is over.

It is getting to the point where everything Ken Whitman says has to be assumed a lie since it seems I can count on one hand the amount of truth he's told since starting his Kickstarters.....I was fed up with this back in June, but I'm obviously not the only one:
"Gotta say I'm pretty torqued with Ken Whitman and d20 Entertainment over KODTLAS. After GenCon, (where he showed up with incomplete films) he promised weekly updates and he promised fulfillments, communication and most importantly a DVD before the end of August. Well... (looking at watch). Here we are and not a word from him. One update on the KS since GenCon with promises of weekly updates and of product shipping 'soon'. I promised him I'd be quiet until the end of the month. Each day I get angry letters from backers wondering where their t-shirts, books, posters and other items are. Ken is content to hide, ignore emails and let me deal with his mess. He told me back in April I was going to look 'stupid' when he showed up at GenCon with three 'wonderful' episodes and everyone had their products. I dunno - feels more like anger. Again, I apologize to everyone who gave this man a dime because we trusted him with our brand. This is not a good feeling.
Edit: Just to be clear I KNOW Ken's strapped for cash. I know all projects can encounter problems. My real issue with Ken is his refusal to communicate with those who gave him money. Folks he now considers to be a problem because they dare to demand information on the project."

Jolly Blackburn has arguably been Ken Whitman's strongest supporter, if even only for the sake of the project itself, and it probably wouldn't have taken much effort to keep in touch with the D-Team and let them look at the footage before allegedly going to press, but according to a subsequent reply to his own post we know that never happened, "IF there was a meeting it's news to me. just saying. I was promised a copy of the final edited film last week so I could give feedback/corrections on the edits. Nothing - and no explanation."

Allegedly, according to Jolly, Ken Whitman did send a quick update: "<<I'm burning them [dvds] 20 a day, starting at the highest paid and shipping them out on the 30th. 

I am doing it the cheap way, as my request for help selling 20 years books fell on deft ears. 

I am happy with my product, and will have fulfilled my legal obligations.>>"

I'm sorry, but if Ken Whitman is strapped for cash after getting a good $200K+ from 9 "successful" Kickstarters and an untold number of Kickstarter-related side-sales with little to show for it....that money went somewhere.

You will NOT have "fulfilled your legal obligations" until you ship all the materials promised and paid for. Some things you can never fulfill and a refund will obviously be in order.


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