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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

2015.08.25 Ken Whitman's "Mistake" Made Whole by a Stranger

2015.08.25 Ken Whitman's "Mistake" Made Whole by a Stranger
An email posted sent to Jolly Blackburn, which he posted on his wall (emphasis mine):
"Finally got my KODT 20 Years Cover Book!! Huzzah!! But not the way I had expected. I've been waiting for my copy of the book since it was first reported (erroneously I take it) that they were all shipped in back May.
Well, I was at Wizard World this past weekend and spotted a girl wearing a KODT Sara shirt. I struck up a conversation with her and the subject of KODTLAS came up. I was shocked when she pulled out not one but TWO copies of the Covers book. Apparently she brought them thinking you and Barb would be there Jolly, and she was hoping to get them signed.
When I asked her if I could flip through one of them (what a beautiful book) I lamented the fact I had yet to receive my copy from d20 Entertainment.
You'll never believe what this stranger did. She HANDED me the book and said, "Now you've got one."
Apparently d20 Entertainment shipped her two by mistake. What do you think of that? This weekend I am buying her a subscription to show my gratitude from your website. If I send you a picture of her and I with our books do you think she could run it in KODT? I was floored at her generosity."

A KoDT:LAS Backer Finally Gets Their 20 Years BookThis isn't the 1st time I've heard reports of Ken Whitman shipping somebody out two of the KoDT 20 Years of Covers book "by mistake". If anything I'd suspect that the  benefactor of this story, like my associates before, ordered a KenzerCo hardcover rule book for $60 and instead of getting the book they ordered Ken Whitman utilized his "fuzzy math" and figured if they wanted a $60 book, they should be "overjoyed" at getting a $100 book instead. The fact that most people would order books they wanted and not need a 2nd of one of them isn't much a factor I'd guess.

We already know from the KoDT:LAS Kickstarter comments (July 19th) that Ken Whitman never gave KenzerCo the names of book buyer or the money for those books, so KenzerCo could never honor those sales.
"all the money from the kickstarter went to Ken Whitman - he was supposed to peel off the money for any Kenzer product he had offered for rewards (including KODT subs) and forward that money to us (along with the subscription info) so we could then process it. Sadly that apparently never happened."

Instead of paying KenzerCo....well, anything, Ken Whitman decided it was better to pay out $34 plus shipping and pocket the rest of the $160. I highly doubt there was a "mistake" made here....this was intentional. It is "mistakes" like this, coupled with the extra "off the books" printings and the obviously piecemeal printing orders that cause me to believe that once the backers & buyers of the 20 Years of Covers finally get their books, there are going to be a LOT MORE than 250 copies in circulation.

At least this particular tale of Ken Whitman skullduggery ends on a positive note. If anything this just re-affirms my basic belief that most people are good and that we need to look out for each other, because there are a lot of us in this not-quite-exclusive club.


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