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Sunday, August 23, 2015

2015.08.21 Ken Whitman Promises Some DVDs...Where Have We Heard This Promise Before?

2015.08.21 Ken Whitman Promises Some DVDs...Where Have We Heard This Promise Before?
I've heard from two sources now that our main man Ken Whitman sold DVDs for the Brothers Barbarian at $50 a pop......but never delivered.

We already know season two ended up only being a half-season, but another source told me that all six episodes were "in the can" and the reason that we only got the first three episodes is because Ken Whitman wrote his character a love scene for episode four and it was pretty much universally panned by.....everyone.

2015.08.25 EDIT:
While I cannot prove this love scene even exists, the last view-able episode write-up on IMDB seems to spell it out well enough....at least this is the lead-in for the missing 4th episode..."The brothers try to make Nicky & Nacky fall in love with them."

Evidently Ken Whitman's professionalism prevailed failed he just decided to pout a bit, scoop up all of his marbles, and leave the game (so to speak).

Although I've heard the love-scene story from one source and the DVD sales from two, since I don't have anyone specifically going "on the record", a reasonable person might just chalk this up to rumor and wild speculation......

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I bring up the Brothers Barbarian DVD a bit earlier than we should because we are about a week out from Ken Whitman's KoDT:LAS deadline of "August". Although he has promised the DVDs and the posters and...well, everything, to be delivered long before today, Ken Whitman's fall-back position has generally been, "The deadline is 'August 2015', so I have until September 1st to get this all done." Now this is a paraphrase, but it'll hold up to scrutiny.

The last KoDT:LAS update was on August 21st:
Ken Whitman Attempts to get Some Breathing Room
"We are in the final stages of finish up episode 2 & 3.  Expect to have a meeting with Kenzerco this coming week.  After that its print and ship!
-Ken Whitman"

OK, not like we haven't heard promises along these lines before....like how he was handing over the footage to KenzerCo (stated at the GenCon Premiere), and don't get me started on promises of product shipping.....

Ken Whitman Doesn't Schedule a Meeting, Just Tells us he did
I do like that he is meeting with KenzerCo this week....but do you think maybe, just maybe, he should have let them know about the meeting? Jolly Blackburn had some interesting commentary on the Kickstarter comments page (emphasis mine):
"Hmmm... would be nice to have an opportunity to see the three episodes before burned to DVD, Ken. If nothing else to have an opportunity to provide a list of all the mistakes we spotted in the credits at the premiere. "port raided" instead of "portrayed' for example. Also the writing credits on the script on the three episodes differ a bit. Would need to see the current credits to provide such feedback. thnxs. Didn't now about he meeting. Let us know when."

This might just be my jaded-self here, but I suspect that this is just more smoke-screen so Ken Whitman can feel like he has some breathing room this next week. He seems to "play nice" occasionally to take off the heat.

"Please understand, I have been in the gaming industry for 30 years, and I will be in it for another 30. Please be patient."

Not if we have anything to do with it Ken Whitman, not if we have anything to do about it!


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