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Monday, August 24, 2015

2015.08.08 Ken Whitman Lies About Buying A "New" Car

2015.08.08 Ken Whitman Lies About Buying A "New" Car
OK....I think it is about time we looked into Ken Whitman's "car" that he "borrowed" during the KoDT:LAS shoot last year in order to be a "big man".

You know the one....this is the vehicle Ken Whitman remarked on in the Kickstarter comments, on August 8th, "The infamous Car....
While shooting KODT the local car dealer allowed me to test drive a 2009 300S, I thought it would be fun to drive the actors around in it during the shoot. At no cost to me, I said why not - I knew that I could not afford it but the car dealer believed I would want to buy it. Of course I turned it in two weeks on the dot and settled for a 2001 Cadillac at a cost of $3500. I just paid off the 18 month loan... yeah for KEN!"

I am so calling bullshit on this one! Ken Whitman's statements are so full of it I'm not even sure where to begin. 1st of all, common sense dictates no dealer is going to allow you to "test drive" a car for two weeks. 2nd, that is clearly against Kentucky code, as specified in the Kentucky
Motor  Vehicle  Commission Dealer  Handbook, "A prospective customer who is operating a vehicle bearing a dealer plate shall be limited to one (1) demonstration trip unless he is accompanied by the licensed dealer to whom that plate is issued, or a licensed sales person for that dealer."

Now....if you had just bought the vehicle you'd have use of temporary tags, which are good for thirty days, "A temporary tag is valid for thirty days from the date the vehicle is delivered to the purchaser."

These Don't Look Like Dealer Plates to me Ken WhitmanFinally I have to question the validity of Ken Whitman "settling" for $3500 2001 Cadillac after the August 21-22, 2014 KoDT:LAS shoot. If he got an 18 month loan, wouldn't he still be paying off the car? I mean Ken Whitman stated....in the same comment...that his monthly bills are $1330 a month and he allegedly only "made" $958 a month in 2014.....how in the hell could he afford a 2001 Caddy, much less pay on off early?!

You know....let's take a look at Ken Whitman's "borrowed" car, shall we? Fortunately for us there is at least one picture from Jolly Blackburn's Facebook posts and at least one picture sent in anonymously.

Now this is a dealer plate
Funny Ken Whitman, I don't see either dealer plates or temporary tags on that car......so you either illegally stole borrowed that car and then transferred your personal plates to the vehicle, or you lied about the car not being yours. I think you bought the car with your influx of Kickstarter cash and then, assuming you still don't have the car, either lost it to a title loan or traded down to an older car to get some extra cash....but there is no way you had a two week test drive of a 2009 300S as reported. If you did, you'd at least have had dealer's plates on the car, which look like this.


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