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Sunday, August 9, 2015

2015.06.04 Interesting Ken Whitman Interview

2015.06.04 Interesting Interview
I remember being at the Origins Game Fair and discussing this interview. Now I don't want to steal traffic from R.P.G (Runkle Plays Games), but I do want to highlight some very interesting information.

You really should head over there for the whole exchange. What I find telling isn't just the part I'm highlighting here, but the entire way this interview went down. The timing, the questions, etc.

 I'm not going to cross link to all the examples from other sources for some of the interesting tidbits, but having had the benefit of seeing content for future posts and my own experiences I'm finding some additional statements by Ken Whitman to be of interest outside of the main theme for this post:

  1. The "creation" of d20 Entertainment
  2. The number of d20 Employees 
  3. A daily routine of emailing and shipping
  4. Tripling of shipping rates(?!)
I'm going to have to end it there because what was supposed to be a simple post regarding Pencil Dice is about to go off-track. This is too easy to do when facing the mountain of, for a lack of a better word, lies spewed forth by Ken Whitman on what appears to be his Stream of Consciousness speaking pattern.  

Ken Whitman's response to co-mingling funds
Some have said that your latest three projects were created to bankroll more funds into your other projects like KODT, Spinward Traveler and C&C. So would you tell us are the funds for each D20 project maintained separately?

Making Tv pilots and movies is my dream.   So I have funneled in extra monies from pencil dice to keep editing & producing.  I want these three projects to be the best I can do.  I want people to see what I see in my head.  So, I spend very little money on myself.  Every product I sell, every kickstarter I run, a majority goes into new and future projects.  I have my monthly expenses down to $1200, so i can keep doing this!

Now that we have the benefit of looking back, just on the Pencil Dice fiasco, we have Ken Whitman admitting that he co-mingled project funds. Granted, he said they were "extra" monies, but he also admitted that he spends the "majority" of his money on future products. Since we don't have any evidence that there are new products/projects, but we do have evidence that he has "squandered the money making movie shit" and that he hasn't actually paid for the pencils to be manufactured.

Since not even a minority of the money is going where it should, by Ken Whitman's own admission, and no projects are being fulfilled (at least not yet....) we can't help but to look at all the lies he's put out there to those project backer's and make the natural jump to him lying about where the money is going. The numbers aren't adding up......