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Sunday, August 9, 2015

2015.08.05 Ken Whitman Attempts to Sell His Pencil Dice Responsibility

2015.08.05 Ken Whitman Attempts to Sell His Pencil Dice Responsibility
Wow....the hits keep on coming on the Pencil Dice front.

I was privy to an email last Wednesday that I couldn't share with anyone even though I was totally chomping on the bit to do so. The thing was if I had revealed this then Ken Whitman would have known where it came from...but that really didn't matter.

Why? Because Ken Whitman didn't send this email out to one person, he shotgunned it out to a bunch of people. The next day I got access to the email I had seen from two different sources.

I'll share them both here because one is a screen-shot and the other is the text of the email with some information redacted. When possible I like to give both because I do not know how you are looking at this. You might have pictures disabled, be reading on a small phone screen....heck, for all I know you may be listening to this instead!

Ken Whitman tries to sell off his responisbilities
"Hey [named removed]

I have sold about 80k of these.     
There are about 1000 backers and have 46 retail stores who bought the pencils with their store names on it.
To produce and ship all of these will cost about $10,000.
I squandered the money making movie shit and i was wondering if you could help me?!
If you could take over this projects and fulfill  the orders, i will sell you  the project for $10.
There will be inventory of 1000 of each die left over so you can try to sell through distrabution!!!  People REALLY love these - 80k is no joke. 

I just need out of this mess :-(

I will give you all the orders and names, and address. 

If you want to talk more in detail… [personal phone # removed]


PS- Everything is set to print at the Chineese Manufacture."

Hmmm......I thought Ken Whitman already had these pencils made and they were en-route to the US...at least that is what he told his backers!