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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

2018.04.25 We're Calling BS Over Here at NAD

2018.04.25 We're Calling BS Over Here at NAD
We received a couple forwardings of a specific Facebook post from the "new owner" of Little Monsters Games & Comics. The "new" company, which was created less than an hour and a half after we posted that it didn't exist, is owned/managed by one Jess Hunter.

We've had some speculation back and forth with some contributors about this sale of the business and we've already put forth that we think this is just some paper shuffling, presumably to remove some of Ken "Whit" Whitman's assets going into his civil suit which was filed last month. The company-that-didn't-exist-until-after-the-sale is one big red flag, and frankly we wouldn't be surprised if eventually word comes out that it wasn't Kenny's business to begin with.

That is pretty predictable, especially with the sale of Ken "Whit" Whitman's business so soon after being served with the civil suit. Oh, and here we go....no mention of Ken "Whit" Whitman, but of Jim Sears. If you remember some of the fine print, Arthur James Sears company Little Monsters Comics, LLC was administratively dissolved a couple months after the creation of Ken "Whit' Whitman's company Little Monsters Games & Comics, LLC.

"Hi, I am Jess Hunter, the new owner of Little Monsters Entertainment. This week I purchased the store location and merchandise from Jim Sears. He was the owner Of Little Monsters Comics for over 8 years, I look forward to his mentoring as I venture down this road with my three fav boys, Alex, Ron & Robert."

This info is listed twice because we fully expect the embedded Facebook post to go *poof* as these things tend to do....

We're going to go ahead and not only call it (that a paper trail is being made to insulate Kenny), but be pro-active and list what we can to call bullshit on this:

2017.10.19 Ken "Whit" Whitman Admits to Trying to Sell Fake Memorabilia (But Doesn't Accept Any Personal Responsibility)
"Recently I bought a Comic Book shop in Somerset Ky called Little Monsters Games & Comics, LLC."

2018.01.04 Some Confusing Background Information Concerning Ken "Whit" Whitman's Comic/Game Store
Ken Whitman is the only organizer & registered agent for Little Monsters Games & Comics, LLC

2018.02.14 Ken Whitman Responds to KODT LAS Release (comments section)
"with the sucess of my store i have been able to afford two heat foil machines so i can prodyce them myself. I have placed an order from the machines coming from china,"

2018.04.17 Ken "Whit" Whitman is on the Run!
"I am no longer manager/owner of Little Monsters Games & Comics, LLC. I will be staying on till the end of the month to help with the transition of new owners."

Now it could be taken that Ken "Whit" Whitman is just a straight-up liar about owning/managing Little Monsters Games & Comics, despite having stated as much many times over the last year or so. You might chalk it up to boasting, a little pride, whatever. Hell, he used to claim ownership of a freakin hotel that wasn't his, but belonged to the family he married in to.

You know....it would be real useful to have some words on it by the guy who allegedly sold Ken "Whit" Whitman his business....and that would be Marcus King. Oh yeah...we have that!

2017.09.15 Little Monsters Games & Comics Facebook Post(s)
"So, someone sold $10K of stuff in your store. You do realize YOU are on the hook for $600 sales tax, right?

True story."

Hmm.....Marcus didn't say, "Hey you knucklehead, that business was conducted in MY store and you just publicly put me on the hook for a $600 tax bill!" No...no he didn't. He clearly stated that the transaction, which Ken "Whit" Whitman tried to immediately weasel out of, was conducted in KEN'S STORE and that KEN was "on the hook" for $600.

The contents of said Facebook post have been scrubbed, but we did manage to preserve a copy for posterity....


  1. Ken has done something like this before. Specifically, he *allegedly* transferred control of his Rapid POD business and all of its assets to other parties (two ladies, IIRC) as some sort of an attempt to dodge creditors.

    I would not be surprised if this is the same thing happening here, given the information made publicly available and the apparent attempt to remove any mention of Ken Whitman's association with the property in question.

  2. Yeah, someone's scrubbing the comments hard. Just mentioning Kenny, and your comment will be scrubbed within minutes.

    So, someone is still covering for Kenny.

  3. Jim Sears was owner of Little Monsters and Comics for over 8 years?

    According to an article quoting Marcus King, King and the unnamed partner went into business in 2012, only 6 years ago.

    Of course, it will be interesting to see the results, once I can start issuing them, to the written interrogatories as to what is really going on and even if Jess Hunter even really exists. I do find it strange that she lists a business address of other than the store on the LLC, which itself is strange since it came into existence AFTER the sales was announced as closed and done; while Whitman was running around purging Facebook walls of posts.

    One thing that Whitman seems unaware of, even after all of the reporting in the news recently, is that everything on Facebook and Twitter is archived and still in their tables and databases, even after deletion by the user. Deletion just removes the ability of the typical user to see the data online. The archives are maintained indefinitely. The information can be made available by those companies within a few hours once a valid request is made. Of course, I expect the only real reason for the constant purging of Whitman's social media presence is because he doesn't want others to see the negative comments pile up about him.


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