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Sunday, June 12, 2016

2016.06.12 Now We Have to Deal with "Wit" Whitman?!

2016.06.12 Now We Have to Deal with "Wit" Whitman?!
This was pointed out in some comments from the previous post, and it is really too good/funny/sad not to share:

There has been yet another small update to the Girl Downtown GoFundMe page:

"Now on to the Fun Stuff - A List of your Cast and Crew - (The ones who will be Fed by your generous donation) and a Small sample of the Script. "Screen Play Written by Wit Whitman""

"Wit" Whitman, er "Whit" Whitman...I Mean Ken Whitman
"Wit Whitman"?  Now Ken "Whit" Whitman's usual online presences is rife with spelling errors, odd word substitutions, and absurdity not expected from a college graduate. It make you wonder if this is just another spelling error (odd that he'd misspell is own pseudonym...) or an intentional attempt to keep is real name and his nom de plume off of the funding page for Girl Downtown. Either way is mildly amusing.....

...oh, and there is no screen play sample.


  1. Update #3 has 3 pics embedded in it - one is a 'selfie' of one of the cast members impersonating Bill Murray that has KWW front and center. Another one has a clapboard with some frosted glass panels in the BG - looks like KWW is behind one of the panes.

    Lotta presence for someone not involved in the filming...

    1. And the clapboard has the last-half of Kenny's name appearing on it! Finding Kenny's presence online nowadays is like a fun-filled game of "Where's Waldo?"

  2. The IMDB entry has been updated:

    Nice to know that NAD is KWW's personal Spell/Grammar Checker... :P

  3. He also promised a script copy to all of the Traveller backers--and a production diary. Why does he need more money?

  4. Well, it looks like the GoFundMe page is gone. Not sure if they cancelled it, or if GoFundMe pulled it for breach.


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