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Thursday, February 11, 2016

2016.02.11 Ken Whitman Endorses NAD!

2016.02.11 Ken Whitman Endorses NAD!
Thanks to some of the readers over at Tenkar's Tavern I got a bit of news that Not Another Dime (For Ken Whitman) got a little love over at Ken "Whit" Whitman's Stage 32 profile.

Oh the hilarity. Evidently someone "grabbed up" the name "Ken Whitman" and used that account to write on the real Ken Whitman's (going as Whit Whitman) wall.

"Hi, my name is Ken. I like to steal from people. When someone finds me in person, I will pay dearly"

"Ken, where is our money? Scamming thief"

...and of course, my favorite "Ken, why do you steal people's hard earned money? http://notanotherdime.blogspot.com/ Don't hire this guy ever, he will steal from you."
HILARIOUS, unless you are Ken "Whit" Whitman

2016.02.15 EDIT
Looks like Ken "Whit" Whitman decided to take his toy and go home (i.e. He either deleted his account or set it to private)


  1. Found this on his Facebook page today...

    Whit Whitman
    4 hrs ·

    Also, not that anyone would be interested, but I'm offering this anyway

    Learn how to direct your own two-minute scene. This will be a one week 40 hour class for $300.

    You will use my equipment and learn how to shoot your own two minute scene with your own actors. At the end of the week you will have learned how to properly use all the equipment, and shoot your own 2 minute scene.
    I will edit your scene, and you will watch me and learn a little bit of editing also smile emoticon

  2. So, someone want to ask him if this is "his" equipment, or is this "someone else's" equipment like he claimed in he thread over at Tenkar's Tavern?

    Of course, you're comment will be deleted and you'll be blocked from his page if you do.

  3. Where does he get all his amazing toys...?

  4. Wow 500 dollar daily rate to a weekly of 300 amazing how things are starting to set up in these increments.


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