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Sunday, November 29, 2015

2015.11.29 SSDD: Ken Whitman Doubles-Down on Trying to Scam Some $$

2015.11.29 SSDD: Ken Whitman Doubles-Down on Trying to Scam Some $$
The last few days have been a flurry of comments, some from our hero of the decade Ken Whitman. The summation of Ken Whitman's comments pretty much sum up the cycle of bullshit we've come to see from a man of his caliber: "I'm awesome, the people I've taken money from are whiners, and I'm slowly working on these Kickstarters....you just need to be patient."

Now I realize that calling this a "cycle of bullshit" shows my bias, so yet again dear reader, please assume everything I post here is a flat out lie and do the research yourself. Use the links in the sidebar to read the Kickstarter comments (with an emphasis on Ken Whitman's "updates"). Go through the "Ken Sez" page and follow those links back to the original source.

I think the average person will inevitably come to the same conclusion.

Case in point:

Online Scam for Money

Ken Whitman has re-opened his D20 Entertainment online store to "sell" books that don't exist. To date not one soft cover of the KODT: 20 Years of Covers has been seen in the wild. They just don't exist. I'm pretty certain, but cannot say with 100% accuracy that the same goes for the "limited edition" leather-bound hardcover.

This is truly a "Caveat Emptor" situation because if you pay for one of these products, you are throwing your money away. Where the hell is the FTC when you need them?


  1. I was told the Web store went live again on Thursday. Needed to be able to cash in on black Friday sales....

  2. had an exchange with Ken today. He claims his website was 'hacked' and during the process of getting it back up the old webstore link was activated again. Take that for what it's worth - just passing it along. I request he take the link down again and it appears that's happened. Of course it doesn't explain the fact why no softbound or leathered books have been reported in the wild. I'll leave that mystery to others to solve.

  3. If you do a search on the d20entertainment.com site for 'store', you still get pages with "valid" products.

  4. The FTC will be involved if enough people make it happen. EVERYONE and ANYONE who was scammed by this piece of shit needs to file a report here ASAP. I strongly suggest those who have access to shitwhit's kickstarter comments post this link there as well on every fucking one of them. Share the fuck out of it. Once legal action hits him, these filed complaints will help drag him down for good. If there are enough complaints through the FTC, they will open an investigation on him.

  5. https://www.ftccomplaintassistant.gov/#crnt&panel1-1


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