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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

2015.08.19 Ken Whitman is a Leader in the Quality POD Market (at Least on Facebook?)

2015.08.19 Ken Whitman is a Leader in the Quality POD Market (at Least on Facebook?)
Well we know that Ken Whitman has driven RapidPOD into the ground and pretty much took Vixen Printing down through guilt by association...(I'm sure the thefts didn't help either).

We also know that he's run a couple of "print shops" since the demise of RapidPOD and I'm somewhat confident that given what he said the costs were for the KoDT 20 Years of Covers book, and their (low) quality, that ol Ken Whitman has kept a printer on-hand over the years.

There was a dedicated RPG Publisher/Printing group on Facebook that Ken Whitman was kicked out of (I'd have no idea why), so the kind of false self-promotion did what any scam artist looking for a new audience would do.....he formed his own group.....

Quality Art Book & Prints FB Group
...and here it is, the "Quality Art Book & Prints" Seriously? Do you think this header graphic works for a "quality" group? A decade-old printer (I'm speculating.....it goes for about $2K) up against a painted cinder-block wall with the sparsest smattering of supplies tossed about? You couldn't spend $33 on some shitty stock art from iStockPhoto?

It's OK Ken Whitman, you can get smaller pieces for about $10....

For someone who puts himself out there as a graphics guy, I just assumed you'd turn some of your skill inward......well, I guess he did....my bad.
Shitty 2' Header Logo
Hell, I can spend less than 2' coming up with something that looks more "quality" than this....and I even used Comic Sans (deliberately)!

Well, maybe Ken Whitman doesn't want to look too professional because then maybe some folks from back in the RapidPOD days would want some of their money back.

You know, like this guy who filed a lien against RapidPOD in Kentucky.
Click to embiggen...


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