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Friday, August 14, 2015

2015.08.14 The Saga of Ken Whitman as Recorded at the Tavern

While I'm more than happy enough to share screen shots and cover some of the same territory as others have already, this blog isn't really intending to simply copy other people's content word for word.

This might change at a later date, but only for the express purpose of documenting information for recall/look-up reasons. The reason that each post starts with the date in a specific format is so that those wanting or needing to "follow along" can get a chronology of events accurate.

Basically the sheer volume of lies, scams, and utter WTF can get overwhelming and it doesn't help when information is spread all across the internet.

One decent repository so far, at least when dealing with the KoDT: LAS saga has been Tenkar's Tavern. Erik Tenkar has been doing a bang-up job reporting on Kickstarter scammers and is a member of the Kicksnarker G+ group. Tenkar's Tavern doesn't currently have a search function and Erik is about as good with the labels as I am, so here is a down-n-dirty list of appropriate posts regarding our own local hero:

2018.06.01 Guest Poster - The Frugal GM - As The d20 (Entertainment) Spins - Wayward Kickstarter. The 1st of three guest posts that does a good job of breaking down the failures of the KoDT: LAS project, from a backer's perspective of that time. In the comments Ken Whitman chimes in and tries to claim that all the actors had been paid, but one of the actors comments that hasn't happened.

2018.07.16 Knights of the Dinner Table Episode #1 (Somehow I missed this). The closest thing to good news out of the lot.

2018.07.23 Wayward Kickstarter - Knights of the Dinner Table: Live Action Series - At Whit's End. Ken Whitman caught in another lie regarding emailing his backers the tickets to the Premiere and After Party they paid for.

2018.07.27 Kickstarter - Ken Whitman Redefines Failure Yet Again - Knights of the Dinner Table: Live Action Series (You Know All that Shit he Promised the $450 Backers? Fuck Em!) One of Ken Whitman's KoDT:LAS Actors calls him out on some of his lies. There is a GREAT comment from Jolly Blackburn that answers a few questions folks have had regarding how Ken Whitman can keep continue to scam people:
"Just a quick comment — someone pointed out Dyson Logos' comments. Specifically about my knowing of Ken's reputation prior to this kickstarter. Yes - guilty as charged. Years ago during the rapid pro thing I read a lot of things about Ken/Rapid Pro and his not delivering on product. Couple of things in the 7/8 years since. Ken went away. Ken came back personally apologizing to several folks in the industry (including myself - though he'd never personally wronged me to my knowledge) and armed with a story about how he had been undiagnosed ADHD which destroyed his marriage and many many friendships. Ken claimed he'd been on meds, getting counseling and that he was keenly interested in rebuilding his rep, making amends and becomgin a 'new man'. I know I'm not the only gaming industry type to be approached with this Ken 2.0.

Anyway Ken invited me and my wife down to Kentucky in 2013 to watch the shoot of Brothers Barbarian Season 2. I had seen BB1 on youtube and knew Ken had pulled that one together. I was impressed by the number of people who managed to bring together to knock out these projects. And I quite enjoyed BB season 1. While on set I met a LOT of people who were hard working, professional and just all around great people. I'm still friends with many of them today. I also got to know Larry Elmore and some of the actors who would later work on KODTLAS. Ken was the center of it all.
Long story short, I left that shoot thinking Ken had changed. He was producing something. I really thought that perhaps he had finally found his niche — making quirkly little film projects.
Fast forward a bit, when Ken approached us about KODTLAS my first response was that it was going to be a hard sell to my partners. They knew of his reptuation a bit. And we weren't sure he could pull it off. So Ken went out and did a proof of concept piece based on an obscure two page KODT strip (where Brian and Weird Pete are talking in the game store). It was perfect but the casting was dead on and we saw the potential. Looked like Ken had a great feel/appreciation of the property. He'd completed two seasons of Brother Barbarian (though we didn't know at the time he would never deliver finished/edited episodes of BB2) so it appeared he might actually know what he was doing. So we granted him a license and he proceeded with his kickstarter.
Yes, I was taken in. So were the actors involved, the cinematographer, the crew and virtually everyone else Ken worked with. Unless you've met Ken personally or hung around with him it's hard to explain the charm/charisma this guy has. I've known people who have fallen for his 'new man' routine many times over the years. It's an ability he has.

At GenCon this year while I manned the booth I was shocked as person after person came up with "Ken screwed me too" stories. I'm not really proud of the fact I was duped by this guy. Nor am I happy that others gave him money based on our granting him a license."

2018.07.28 Kickstarter - Ken Whitman Redefines Failure Yet Again - Part II - Complete with "Guest Poster" - Knights of the Dinner Table: Live Action Series. A guest post discussion regarding the "Ken Whitman Cycle" and the sudden cancellation of the scheduled Gen Con after party that the guest poster paid $450 for.

2018.07.28 Kickstarter - Ken Whitman Redefines Failure Yet Again - Part III - Complete Inability to Answer a Simple Yes / No Question " - Knights of the Dinner Table: Live Action Series. Ken Whitman cannot answer s simply yes/know question about trying to take credit for the party he didn't throw......but we learned he would later anyway.

2015.08.06 Wayward Kickstarter - The Life & Times of Ken Whitless, Living "Day by Day" on a Cruise - The Horrors! - Knights of the Dinner Table: Live Action Series. Ken Whitman gets called out on his lies by one of his benefactors that loaned him a lot of money outside of (and addition to) the KoDT: LAS Kickstarter. The comments, as usual, have some gems in there as well.

2015.08.07 Ken Whitless Greatest Hits - "You Can't Cancel What You Never Reserved" & "For Just $10 You Can Take On $10000 of Debt and Responsibilities" (More Hits Coming Daily - Act Now, Supplies are Limitless!) Guest post about Ken Whitman's "cancellation" of his Kickstarter Backer party and his attempts to glom on to the private party thrown in it's wake. Rather long, but has some good details about the alleged threats and his cancellation of the second showing. We'll have to delve deeper into this bit for certain....

2015.08.07 Let Ken Whitless Teach YOU How to Bilk Honest Folks out of Cold Hard Cash. Article about Ken Whitman's upcoming participation in the Mediopolis Convention.


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