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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

2015.08.11 Tracking Down Ken Whitman

2015.08.11 Tracking Down Ken Whitman
Today I had someone reach out to me to tell me that the address I found out about (via WhoIS and confirmed with the AirBnB Listing) was listed as a property Ken Whitman had claimed he was purchasing post-Kickstarter.

I was sent a picture that proved to be a different address along that street, and that Facebook post went the way of the dodo without so much as a screen shot.

As far as I'm concerned that is just an unsubstantiated rumor, nothing to see there, but it did get me to thinking........does Ken Whitman own 927 Old Ekron Rd?

The only Whitman house in Brandenburg
A quick search with the county Tax Assors' Office shows that a Whitman, presumably Ken Whitman's ex-wife, owns the property on Bayside Lane where Ken Whitman has run and is planning on running a Print on Demand business.

The property at 927 Old Ekron Road shows up under another name, along with two others. A little more searching shows that it might be a property rental managed by a third-party company, Redbug Rentals.

Redbug Rentals
Ken Whitman's Air BnBA quick reach-out to them conforms they do manage the property at 927 Old Ekron Rd. I asked about subletting, because I'm pretty sure they wouldn't want Air BnB rentals in their apartments, much less ones that look like they've been green-screened for a porno shoot.

I know that might be mean, but come on....you know you were thinking about that too!

Now I know there is a different between sub-lets and short-term rentals, but I didn't want to pester the folks at Redbug Rentals any more.
2012.08.12 EDIT: I've managed to figure out that this isn't the location of Ken's Air BnB.....more to follow. There hasn't been a single page-view for this post, but I don't like simply deleting a post because that is how Ken Whitman rolls, not me.

So what it appears to me that we have is Ken Whitman either living here or living at a second location. If he is setting up a POD print shop he has to have a second location because it would be kind of hard to rent out this studio while using it for printing, unless that was in the garage.

I'm of the opinion that Ken Whitman has a second location, but is using his old address and information from his old house, the one the ex has now, to keep a few debt collectors, process servers, and PO'd backers/customers off his ass. I realize that is pure speculation, but this narrative fits the information I've found so far.

Just as an aside though....if Ken Whitman is "broke" and only making $20K a year (you'd have to read the KoDT:LAS comments to get this info), how could he afford a 4K TV in his Air BnB rental?

"About this listing

Now you can have access to a 2000 sq foot shotgun studio apartment! Include wi-fi, and a nice big couch and 4k TV for watching Netflix!

California King Foam mattress. 8 foot long Couch.

Garage for small cars, or keeping animals in."

That is a lot of TV for a broke guy, and the timing of availability coincides with his first Kickstarter windfall.....just saying.