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Saturday, August 8, 2015

2015.08.08 Welcome

This is an admin post welcoming you to the Not Another Dime! blog. 1st off I will freely admit that I am biased against Mr. Ken Whitman because I feel he has scammed at least $300 from my family, but contractually speaking that number is more like $450. I am not alone and was a bit surprised to find myself a new member of a much larger club.

Mr. Whitman denies any allegation of wrong-doing and he has his supporters. While the things I've uncovered are pretty damning, I know very well that I am not infallible and for some reason people like to think that the "truth" is a lot more grey than the black & white I've been brought up to believe.

Between human nature to give a little "wiggle room" on what is the truth and what is a lie; human nature to forgive, forget, and give 2nd 15th chances; and the information environment necessary to enable people to protect themselves from predation....this page was needed.

While I firmly believe that Mr. Ken Whitman is a scam artist, based of of reliable 1st hand accounts and my own experience, I don't expect you to take me at my word. In fact, please take the Devil's Advocate approach and assume everything I've said, and will say, is an outright lie. Look at the information yourself and make your own determinations. Undoubtedly the information presented here, some of it that cannot be traced back anymore due to closed off access or deleted posts, will contain some bias. Undoubtedly you'll come in to this page with your own bias.

All I ask is that you read for yourselves, follow back to the original source when you can, and make an informed decision. I firmly believe you'll come to the same conclusions I have and understand why I feel Ken Whitman should not be able to make another dime in this industry.


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