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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

2008.04.17 Ken Whitman Pens a Deal to Nowhere

2008.04.17 Ken Whitman Pens a Deal to Nowhere
I've been told one of Ken Whitman's many tactics is to insinuate himself in with other successful people by wheeling and dealing his way into a project like a 5 year old child playing mom off against dad.

The scam does like this:

"Hey, did you know successful person A is interested in doing project X?" once this person (we'll call them successful person "B") is interested Ken Whitman will approach successful person A and say, "Hey, did you know that successful person B is totally on board with doing project X.....if I'm involved?"

This way Ken Whitman seems invaluable to both successful people and gets to ride on their coat-tails for a while. All he has to do is have an idea....he doesn't necessarily have to execute or produce. Of course I could be wrong, but this man-in-the-middle setup fits the narrative that is Ken Whitman's many failures to actually produce and projects getting done by other people once's he is gone....

Ken Whitman gets in the middle

You know.....taking my word for it is a bit much to ask....let us look at a time Ken Whitman did this.

According to this 2008 series of posts on The RPG Site, Ken Whitman sought out Margaret Weiss to do an RPG based on Highlander, but didn't have the rights to do that. Instead he positioned himself as the man-in-the-middle to print the thing, but he didn't have the legal rights to do jack squat.

"Actually what happened with that was that Ken Whitman tried to snag the liscense out from under the guy who currently has it via the CCG (now back in print believe it or not). "

"I am the owner of the boards of the Highlander TCG boards (though I don't post much there anymore). Yes, Ken Whitman tried to acquire the rights, said he did when in fact he didn't, and yes he went as far as signing a deal with MWP to do the rpg without owning the rights. Then he went on to threaten to sue anyone who asserted he was a crook eventhough he told several of us directly that he did have the rights and that he did have a deal with MWP. Of course we didn't know that he didn't really have the rights to jack shit."

Maybe if we're lucky we can get some more info....


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