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Monday, August 17, 2015

2008.04.10 Ken Whitman is NOT Connected to Vixen Printing, but Screws Them Anyway.....

2008.04.10 Ken Whitman is NOT Connected to Vixen Printing, but Screws Them Anyway.....
We've seen Ken Whitman cycle through company names like a baby going through diapers, but one of the "new" companies that wasn't actually a fresh change from a soiled name was Vixen Printing, which I'm pretty sure has collapsed by now.

Kind of hard to keep anything going if you've been tainted by Ken Whitman.

As part of my ongoing research I've discovered folks trying to put out a warning to others that Vixen Printing = RapidPOD, but a few folks were able to step up and say they got great work from Vixen Printing, so we know that isn't the case.

Owner of Vixen Printing Account

Eventually the owner of Vixen Printing (which was organized under a different name legally) had to chime in and set the record straight, and in doing so gave us a little more insight as to how Ken Whitman conducts business.

Why he wasn't arrested is beyond me.....

Here are the critical bits:
"One day we realized that, despite his moving half of the equipment and splitting from us, he still came into our office with his copy of the key at night and would use our printer to print things, as well as take supplies for his own printers. This was also happening at the same time we realized just how many bad deals Ken had made and exactly how far in the hole RapidPOD was. Not only were we realizing that there was much more debt than was made apparent to us from the beginning, but also that the reputation of the company was beyond repair."

One might naturally wonder why anyone would let themselves get into a business with a man of Ken Whitman's stature.....luckily for us Danielle's mom chimes in and gives us a bigger picture.

How Ken Whitman Treats a Long-Time Friend

"I have known Ken for a long time, we went to high school together. We were in the same art class for two years. He was one of my closest friends back then (25 years ago)."

"I was unaware of just how bad things were until I began answering phones. Ken blamed many missed deadlines on equipment problems. That was true, but what he didn't say was the reason the printers weren't working was because Xerox cut off our supplies. It was never due to poor machinery as someone eluded to. As I learned more about the poor management, things became quite tense between Ken and I. All of this came to a head in Dec '06. When working on the laminator, he shoved me across the room. I'm know many of you know or have seen Ken, well I'm 5'4" and weigh .... well let's just say I'm much smaller. I went sailing across the floor. I walked out on everything. My original investment was for 45% of Rapid. In the 4 months that followed Ken sold about half of my shares (without my permission), traded equipment I purchased and several other things in a desperate attempt to put the company back together. When this failed and half of his staff walked out due to his inability to pay them, he called me back."

So we have a 1st hand account of Ken Whitman's violence against women, which appears to be part of a cycle, and we see how he treats long-time friends......

Another Ken Whitman Victim
.....and we can see that he managed to keep RapidPOD going for a month or so after this last bit? It looks like he "diapered up" to Fantasy Artwear from Rapid POD, but couldn't keep them separated either.

I'm not sure when "wayn007" made this complaint, but between the RapidPOD name and the fantasyartwear.com website I'd have to speculate it was in May of 2008, before Ken Whitman started trying to liquidate some of his RapidPOD assets.

"Hey guys, look like Rapid POD is finally going out of business and he is selling most of his book, card and board game equipment on E-bay. He has some really cool equipment related to game making REALLY cheap. Might as well take advantage of his misfortune, he he…"

The third-person post is just creepy....


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