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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

2016.09.13 Ken "Whit" Whitman's Confusing Kenspeak

2016.09.13 Ken "Whit" Whitman's Confusing Kenspeak
We've been quite up-front that everything that is posted here at Not Another Dime (For Ken Whitman) is "fair use" and for educational purposes only. We try to provide links to the original source material whenever possible and encourage readers to assume NAD's bias against Ken "Whit" Whitman and to simply make up their own mind about the man and his assorted business dealings.

While we may or may not have had a bias against the man when we started, over a year of reading, researching, and reporting tend to leave a mark that is evident in our posts.

Today's post is, unfortunately, locked behind a dated "paywall" that required you to have contributed to the Knights of the Dinner Table: Live Action Series (KoDT:LAS) a couple of years ago. While we are posting the information here, you'll pretty much have to take our work for it.....although I'm sure we have some regular readers here who have access to said paywall and can confirm our information.

2016.09.13 Update Comment

"I belive I stated that we ran out of money, I also believe I stated that without the ability to generate more money it would take longer. I have backers from this very group, that will track me down at ANY JOB I have and tell them about this kickstarter. They have cost me several jobs, which means, I don't have the ability to produce the product. Its Kind of like cutting your nose in spite of your face.

So YES, i had to go covert for a bit, to keep these TROLLS from allowing me to survive.

I did plan to send out DVDs, but then thought how unfair it would be if some people got them and some did not. So, I have been devising a plan to distribute them fairly. However, the very very last one will go to Natasha, because she has gone out of the way to help me most. You my dear will get you on August first 2017!"

Wow.....where to start? First off this one post update comment really sums up Ken "Whit" Whitman's totality of interaction within the realm of the RPG industry. The update attempts to draw sympathy, fails to accept personal responsibility, blames others, attacks a supporter/backer, and is rife with errors....enough to be confusing unless you've become familiar with Kenspeak.

Notice how "we" ran out of money, but he ("I") need more money to work on an already well-funded project. Don't forget the money from book sales, double-sold book sales, and KenzerCo product that Ken "Whit" Whitman did not forward to KenzerCo. Nobody has seen the elusive soft-cover KoDT: 20 Years of Cover book and don't forget the $100 hardcover netted the man $83.08 each (gross).

Ken "Whit" Whitman not getting work isn't his fault.....people have been interfering with his ability to "work". More than likely, and this is our supposition, Ken "Whit" Whitman has failed to land specific jobs and has chosen to blame others instead of reflecting inward on what he could have done better to land that job. Also, if this inability to work is a survival issue, which smacks of self-pity, how can ANYONE expect work on already paid for Kickstarters? Maybe we just have different definitions of "survival".

In the last paragraph Ken "Whit" Whitman not-so-clearly expresses that he does not intend to fulfill his Kickstarter obligations if he is having to decide who gets their paid-for product and who does not. No worries there though because he has clearly chosen Natasha to be one who gets the DVD, but just the last one to be mailed, maybe, a year from now.....and that is because she's been the most helpful?

Yes, dear reader, this is a great example of Kenspeak. He's trying to say that Natasha, who at worst (for Ken "Whit" Whitman)  has been posting on the closed updates section of KoDT:LAS and the public comments page, has somehow caused him so much grief that he'll make sure she'll get the last DVD he produces. This really isn't saying much because our main man has yet to produce a single DVD......she'll get hers the 12th of Never like everyone else....


  1. Ken Speak Jobs=con, Trolls=People who he has conned. Projet ran out of Money= Ken Spent it on tings other the project. Unlocking the KS for Spinward traveller = new people Kenny wants to con. Threatening to not deier project to a customer = Kenny using what little power he has to punish the backer.New Project to make demo 20 minute movie for 1600 bucks = Whits found a new ommunity to support his life style.

  2. I just want to say we've been largely quiet here hoping Ken would get off his ass and at least show some progress. Posting the already existing blooper slips he had released a year ago and claiming they were 'new' was discouraging because it seemed clear he wasn't really doing any new work on the project. Just going through the motions to make it appear he was.

    But when he attacked the backer and singled her out the way he did, that REALLY got under my skin.

    She happens to be a personal friend who put in way more money on the project than I ever would have expected her to. And I know she did it to support our dream and because she really loves Knights of the Dinner Table.

    She also happens to be one of the first people to bring to our attention that Ken was being sort of shitty toward backers. Ken didn't even provide her a hard back 20 years book. A fellow backer had to do that at GenCOn last year when he handed her his copy.

    She's been more than patient and simply raised some questions all backers (and myself have).

    And for that Ken singled her out for punitive action. Seriously? He's going to ship one his larger backer's product LAST because she had the audacity to mention he's lied numerous times the last two years.

    Not that the conversation started with my assertion that Ken never admits to his lies and constantly dodges when confronted about them and changes the subject.

    So what does he do...? Dodges. He STILL didn't answer the question.


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