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Saturday, August 15, 2015

2015.08.15 A Bit of a Graphical Overview of Ken Whitman's Kickstarters

2015.08.15 A Bit of a Graphical Overview of Ken Whitman's Kickstarters
Something I really haven't seen yet is some sort of visualization of Ken Whitman's many Kickstarters, so I've put one together.

Because of the overlap with projects and some updates, I decided to be a bit simpler with the overview here than I'd have liked. A lot....as in the majority of the updates listed were sales pitches for add-on products or other Kickstarters. I only listed those updates that seemed to be for the actual project they were posted in, which means a lot of those sales-pitches still made it in.

I'm mentioning this for a couple reasons. 1st, it inflates the quality and quantity of Ken Whitman's communication with backers and secondly, these add-on sales DO NOT show up on the Kickstarter totals. Undoubtedly there are a lot of "off-book" sales related to these Kickstarters that will probably never see the light of day.

As I started jotting down the applicable updates I noticed a pattern or two emerge, and as more information comes to light I might be able to add-on to this graphic. I think it would be telling to graph out convention dates and some of the weird Facebook postings, but there are only so many hours in the day.....

Some side-by-side comparisons....
Click to embiggen

This is what I show for the various Kickstarters, hopefully I didn't miss any:
$ 9,234  Knights Quest
$ 3,075  Dice O'Matic*
$38,161 Pencil Dice
$  8,623 RPG Pencil Dice*
$  5,197 Deck Dice*

Total $186, 729 from Kickstarter Projects (not counting the numerous add-ons!)

*I suspect Ken Whitman took these ideas from somewhere else, but I don't have verification....yet. If you have any evidence please forward it!

The Deck100 Kickstarter ran from February 18, 2015 through March 20th, 2015. Ken Whitman's Dice Deck is quite similar to that and an earlier project of Dicecards. Dicecards isn't currently in print, but is available for licensing....

I've heard that Ken Whitman inquired heavily into the background of the custom pop-o-matic dice that Jolly Blackburn was given when he games with the D-Team at the early stages of the KoDT:LAS.

2015.08.16 EDIT
I've been informed that the Pencil Dice Kickstarter was ripped off from this guy, and that the early Kickstarter flavor text was a word-for-word lift from that guy's site.....I'm looking into it.


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