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Saturday, August 8, 2015

2015.08.08 Ken Whitman's GF (?) Strikes Back

2015.08.08 Ken Whitman's GF (?) Strikes Back on Facebook
This morning, Kristin Pelletier, presumably Ken Whitman's girlfriend, but definitely someone listed on Facebook as a "Producer at d20 Entertainment" (I thought Ken Whitman claimed last week to be a one-man show?) and one of the actors in Ken Whitman's Spinward Traveller who is usually seen in Ken Whitman's company decided to come to his defense.

This post isn't publicly view-able unless you are Facebook friends with Erik Tenkar (of Tenkar's Tavern)

2015.08.08 Ken Whitman's GF (?) Strikes Back"I was there for a lot of it. Many of these details are incorrect and silly. Barbara Blackburn tried to say hi to me there. I didn't "ferry" a list. Ken is broke and trying to finish projects that are out of money while the Internet has fun abusing him. He should be called Ken Lateman. He's late. Not evil. Just an ADD kid who bit off way more than he can chew. He talked to the ZOE guys about sharing a party. They decided not to do that. All the D20 people went to Slippery Noodle and had a lovely time with Traveller fans who are so nice. Emotionally mature. It's not like the Knights people wanted to party. They just wanted to be mean and awful. No one cares Barbara started hating Ken when two of the lesser known actors demanded extra money that hadn't been budgeted for. Ken didn't cough up the EXTRA money fast enough, so Barbara called him and cussed him out. It went downhill from there. The infamous car test drive was the dealership letting him leave the lot, but after a couple weeks it turned out they couldn't give him the credit so he gave it back. This is true. 
I can't believe this appeared in my feed. It's like pirhannas on a chicken, except it's trolls on twisted facts and Internet mob justice. 
The reason Ken Whitman still has supporters is because he has nothing but good intentions. He goes out of his way to help people. He has wonderful children. (Maybe think of them as you spew your venom, people.) he still has supporters because he does cool stuff. He shoots for the moon. So he only hits the roof. Please people. Stop the hate."

1st, I want to know who are "all the d20people"? Ken Whitman is on record stating it is just him. 2nd, am I correct in assuming that only the Traveller fans showed up? This was supposed to be an exclusive party for the KoDT:LAS backers.....why would there be Traveller fans? I have to assume because the party took place right after the Spinward Traveller showing and three hours after the KoDT:LAS showing. 3rd.....pulling the ADD card? Really?

4th...and I think this is telling in so many ways, the "test drive", according to Kristin, was for two weeks because "they couldn't give him the credit". Was Ken Whitman trying to purchase the car or not? A test drive is usually to check out the car and attempts to give a buyer credit only occur when they are attempting to purchase something! According to Ken Whitman (part of a KoDT:LAS post today):
2015.08.08 KS Statement

So Ken Whitman took a car and used it for two weeks to show off....I'm sorry, that is too biased (even if it might be true).....to use as a production vehicle. He states he knew he couldn't afford it, so he used someone else's property for personal gain. Did the dealership know they were essentially funding the KoDT:LAS shoot?

The Legal portion of the website Free Dictionary defines Fraud as: A false representation of a matter of fact—whether by words or by conduct, by false or misleading allegations, or by concealment of what should have been disclosed—that deceives and is intended to deceive another so that the individual will act upon it to her or his legal injury. Ken Whitman took use of a Cadillac for two weeks under the presumption of a "test drive" prior to purchase knowing full well that he would be unable to actually purchase the vehicle. He used the fraudulently obtained vehicle to use during the KoDT:LAS shoot because he "thought it would be fun".

Last, but far from least, the road to hell is paved with good intentions......

Evidently Kristin Pelletier hails from the Facebook School of post-quick and remove once read. Nice try Kristin, but people tend to record stuff these days:
Kristin's addendum post

I don't know where the $64,000 figure came up, especially since the top-of-the-line Chrysler 300 with every single option available tops-out at $54,050 (that would be for the 2015 300C PLATINUM RWD). That seems to be a specific number for some reason.....