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Saturday, May 20, 2017

2017.05.20 Additional Details Regarding KoDT:LAS

2017.05.20 Additional Details Regarding KoDT:LAS
Yesterday's little "announcement" from Ken "Whit" Whitman went over about as well as you would expect. Fortunately we weren't the only ones to cry foul and suspect that this is all just a ploy.

Ken "Whit' Whitman Discussion on FacebookIn Erik Tenkar's Facebook post on the subject (which links to his blog post) there are some interesting things being posted. Some of the normal back-and-forth to be expected on the internet. Some folks claiming similar conditions and noting they manage to meet deadlines, some arm-chair quarterbacking like we did yesterday, and some good nuggets of information as well.

One poster claims a friend had a long talk with Ken "Whit'
Whitman on the subject, but that is straight-up hearsay, so we can't use it....but there is some what-we-would-expect-to-be-reliable hearsay coming from Jolly Blackburn:
if only Ben had the footage that was promised to him over a year ago..."

"Ken has talked off an on with Ben for over 18 months with Ken failing to follow through on his promise to provide the raw footage. Ben is not a miracle worker. He wants to see Knights of the Dinner Table fans and the actors see some fruits for their money/efforts and has always been willing to lend a hand doing some editing. (ZOE did after all step in and provide te after party for KODTLAS at GenCon that Ken bailed on).

But he can't edit what he doesn't have. So it's been an endless cycle of ken promising to get Ben the footage and then.... nothing. So more or less what we've come to expect from Ken. Nothing."

"That would of course depend on Ken sending Ben the footage. Just pointing out he promised to do that 18 months ago and then nothing. If I were a betting man I'd my money on more of the same. Nothing."

"amazing thing is not one second of new edited material (not even blooper material that was promised) has seen the light of day since GenCon 2015."

One of our writers was at the KoDT:LAS "after-party" put on very last-minute by Ben Dobyns and was able to give us the scoop, witnessed first-hand on the epic failure that was Ken "Whit" Whitman's failure to put on an after-party as promised to those purchasing entry to the event, either through purchased tickets or high-enough backer levels on th KoDT:LAS Kickstarter. Our contributor knew about the Ben Dobyns offer to take a whack at editing the KoDT:LAS footage most likely before Ken "Whit" Whitman did (some proof that this offer goes back at least to September 2015). After all, our guy was there at GenCon the day that Ken "Whit" Whitman skipped town, not showing the footage or attending his scheduled meeting with KenzerCo, claiming there was a threat on his life (here is a guest post over at Tenkar's Tavern detailing the drama...and it is a 1st person account).

We were most surprised by the last little bit, and evidently we weren't alone. The same guy who did the Tenkar's Tavern guest post chimed in on the Facebook post and asked the question we were thinking......wasn't Ken "Whit" Whitman's last KoDT:LAS update back in August 2016 a blooper reel? We referenced that just yesterday...

"[poster's name] he did - but that footage was actually from MY ipad taken on set. I uploaded it and he later utilized it for his update. So..."

So this means that the project that is "90% done" that had the deadline pushed back a couple of times to August 2017. The project we ascertain is going to be pushed back again due to Ken "Whit' Whitman's "medical condition", hasn't been passed off for final editing to a fricken volunteer, despite a couple years (or so) of offering to get the lion's share of the last 10% done?!

By our calculations this means the last "new" material worked on by Ken "Whit" Whitman for KoDT:LAS may have been in October 2015?

How does anybody expect that the KoDT:LAS footage still exists and that Ken "Whit" Whitman is working on it, according to his own words:  "Im not holding the (KoDT:LAS) footage hostage. I don't need money to release them. They will be shipping out with Traveller by Aug 1st, 2017 or sooner. Sure extra money could speed up the process, but I am working my way out of this the old fashion way. BUT working and spending my own money. Its it talking a long time... yep! But there ya go!" (from Jolly Blackburn's Facebook page and recorded in our Ken Sez page...but the content isn't available any longer)


  1. Simply unbelievable. A person with a medical condition can often overcome his handicaps. If he can not, he would not be fit enough to make new sales-pitches to the Atlanta acting community for example. What medical condition allows one to organize the INITIATION of projects but not their completion? Anyone want to search the medical literature on this corker?

    A blind snail could have edited a video using a transducing pin-plate it sits on, or something!

  2. Add to the strange medical condition above, "...and the ability to collect money for projects quickly and efficiently but not their completion?..."


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