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Friday, August 14, 2015

2015.08.14 My BS Meter is Pegged!

Image Courtesy C. Stogdill
Thanks to a timely Don't Fund Ken Whitman post I was convinced to look a little more closely at a particular Facebook post by Ken Whitman's ex regarding the "Slutty Fairy Game" that evidently was the source of the brouhaha the other day.

I won't bother to post the pictures of the Facebook post because you can read it at the Don't Fund Ken Whitman page (and you should be checking out that page!), but I will highlight a few passages:

He trademarked my shit!!! It was at MOST 30% his ideas. WTF?? Internet you were right about ken Whitman!!!"

"Big butt fairies is a subject close to my heart. I actually just got a message from Whitman inviting me to contact his lawyer. !"

Now my assumption here is that Ken Whitman is using the same lawyer he has used before, when he registered Rapid POD as a business. I'm not sure how that might be important, but the way Ken Whitman has liked to threaten suit in the past...I thought it might be relevant.

http://www.uspto.gov/learning-and-resources/fees-and-payment/uspto-fee-schedule#TM Process Fee
Also relevant is that generally lawyers don't work for free...and I thought Ken Whitman was "broke". Not a week ago he was claiming (taxable) income for the last two years of less than $21K total.....how does he afford an attorney? Did he use his $200K+ Kickstarter windfall (I'm also counting ancillary income/sales from KS projects) to pre-pay his lawyer and  that is the reason he's broke? Forget the lawyer......how is Ken Whitman paying for the trademark fees? That's another $225 at least.

Let's not forget that you can't just "instantly" trademark something. It takes a lot of time to go through the process. Hell, it takes at least a good seven months before the USPTO files publishes the Trademark, assuming there isn't anything amiss....and if you've read anything here about Ken Whitman you would probably guess something is "amiss".

I highly doubt Ken Whitman has bothered to file the required paperwork to trademark a game. If he had he'd have to have spent money he claims to not have, and realistically have to gotten that paperwork off some time ago to even have a hope of getting the rights to it.

No......I think something is fishy and Ken Whitman is using the legal system as a bluff. He's been noted for doing it before....


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