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Saturday, August 22, 2015

2012.03.17 Ken Whitman's Earliest Kickstarter to Date

2012.03.17 Ken Whitman's Earliest Kickstarter to Date
When will these "new" Kickstarters stop popping up?

I'll freely admit I had completely forgotten about the Brothers Barbarian, even though it has a dedicated page on the d20 Entertainment website.

Evidently Ken Whitman created a Kickstarter for Season II that failed to fund. Not all was lost I guess because according to the last update, "It does not look like our Kickstarter campaign for Brothers Barbarian Season 2 will succeed.  BUT don't worry, we do have some corporate sponsor and Season 2 will proceed, just a bit slower than we wanted.  However, every bit helps."

"Will proceed, just a bit slower than we wanted...." where have I heard those words before? I remember, pretty much one every Kickstarter Ken Whitman has been involved with. Pretty sure it is in his pre-GenCon video, but I really don't want to listen to him speak...again...but I will. I have to admit I laugh my ass off in this video when we get to the fly.

OK, at 1:01 in the video Ken Whitman says, "The fact is d20 Entertainment is moving slow, but we are moving."

OK, so Ken Whitman didn't get his Kickstarter cash but he did manage to convince some companies to sponsor him. That's great because we get the second season of Ken Whitman buffoonery on-screen courtesy of:

  • Troll & Toad
  • Eriksen Chiropractic
  • Scribe Forge
  • Area Performance Onlus
  • The Wizards Closet
  • Lucca Games & Comic Fair
  • Ardani Studios
  • Hard Knox Games
  • Doe Run Inn
  • Zombie Orpheus Entertainment
The Brothers Barbarian website is gone, but at least we can pop over to YouTube and watch all six episodes of season 2....

....wait a second...where are episodes 5 & 6?

Wow an unfinished Ken Whitman project...color me surprised.

I guess we will just have to live with four episodes then.....if they couldn't finish up the series, much less the season, then episode 4 had to have some matter of closure, right?

Here is the link to episode 4 so we can watch and....what the f....

Seriously? "Violated Terms of Service" I wish I could say that was something new......

I guess I'll just have to update the Kickstarter timeline and call it a day....


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